About Ram Fixture & Packaging


For more than 30 years, Ram Fixture & Packaging has been an international provider of professional store planning and quality store fixtures. Our customer base is strongest in the Southwest including west Texas, southern New Mexico, the Rio Grande Valley and northern Mexico but we have hundreds of customers across the US and Mexico and are eager to make you one of our very satisfied customers!

Ram Fixture designs, manufactures and warehouses retail fixtures and displays in its 50,000 square foot headquarter facility and has another branch showroom in South Texas.

Like many fixture stores, we carry all the essentials for any retail store — slatwall, gridwall, wall systems, racks, jewelry displays, hangers, gift wrap, shopping bags, gift boxes, shelving, cube systems, merchandisers, mirrors, public guidance systems, gondolas, tags, labels, point-of-purchase supplies, sign & brochure holders and many other basics. The difference is our expertise and our experience- let us show you why we are more qualified to be your fixture store.

Ram Fixture is different than the other store fixture stores in several ways:

  1. We can custom manufacture to fit your specific needs: Your store won't have the same presentation that your competitors do. But, we do a lot more than just showcases and counters. And, we work with a lot more than just stores. From offices to restaurants, bookshelves to kitchen countertops — you name it, we can and probably have already done it.
  2. We build our own line of quality, affordable showcases: Our Standard Line of fixtures are made here in the U.S.A. and are so well made they will last you up to ten times as long as other standard "economy" or "knock down" fixtures on the market today.
  3. We carry the largest selection of used fixtures in the industry: NO ONE shows off their used inventory of fixtures like we do — quality, well-made, gently-used items from brand name stores. We have over 25,000 square feet of USED items. Visit our Used Fixtures to view what he currently have in stock.
  4. We have the largest showrooms in the fixture industry: We have two HUGE showrooms that let you visualize what we sell and how you can put it to use in your own space. Stop by and get some great ideas to increase your sales and maximize your customers' shopping experience.
  5. We stock the majority of our inventory locally in El Paso and McAllen, Texas: National catalog companies or internet based fixture stores may seem to have lower prices, but they don't stock anything in their warehouses, they are strictly shipping from our same suppliers and charging your rediculous shipping costs. Ram Fixture doesn't charge you for freight to either of our El Paso or McAllen locations on thousands of stock items, saving you hundreds in shipping costs. If for any reason we don't have what you need in stock, we can get it to you as quickly as you would at any other internet fixture store.
  6. We are experts at space and store planning: We don't just sell you products. We help you plan your space for maximum merchandising and sales. We can take you from an empty space with no walls and do a full turnkey job. From measuring and planning to visualizing in drawings to the final outcome. We guarantee you will be more than satisfied.